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Masters in Business Analytics Canada

Numerous prestigious universities offer MS in Business Analytics programs in Canada and around the world as a result of the exponential growth in the field’s popularity and demand among students and businesses. The demand for experts trained and competent in the field of data analytics has increased significantly in a world where data and information must be quickly and effectively researched. People who can make business decisions that can improve a company’s economy are found among data analysts. We refer to these professionals as business analysts. Many international students who have been eyeing the lucrative career avenues that come forth have chosen to enroll in a postgraduate or master’s study in business analytics in Canada as their first choice. This post will cover the top Canadian universities that offer MS in Business Analytics programs or courses that are comparable, as well as all the information you need to know about Business or Data Analytics.

About MS in Business Analytics

In universities all over Canada, the master’s in business analytics program is available as a 1- or 2-year degree program. Graduates of the curriculum will have a solid foundation in data analysis, predictive analysis, data visualization, and other topics. However, you must be aware of the value that your education, expertise, knowledge, and learning in business analytics will be able to add. You will be able to employ the ideal blend of Data Science Techniques, Business Intelligence, Computer Science understanding, and Information Theory and convert them into actionable insights if you receive qualified training in business analytics. You will concentrate on prescriptive and predictive analysis techniques instead of only evaluating past results if you pursue a master’s in business analytics in Canada.

Top Canadian Universities and Colleges with MS in Business Analytics programs

Check out this list of the best institutions in Canada that offer MS business analytics courses if you’re interested in pursuing studies in this area.

Name of CollegeCourse OfferedFee for International Students (in CAD)
UBC Sauder School of BusinessMaster of Business Analytics55,703
Toronto Rotman School of ManagementMasters of Management Analytics67,160
Queen’s Smith School of BusinessMaster of Management Analytics74,500
York Schulich School of BusinessMaster of Business Analytics80,100
HEC MontrealM.Sc in Data Science and Business Analytics28,800 (Thesis)29,900 (Supervised Project)
Western Ivey Business SchoolM.Sc in Business Analytics68,250
McGill Desautels Faculty of ManagementMaster of Management Analytics49,

Note: The institution or college reserves the right to amend the information supplied regarding the fees. Therefore, register at Collegedekho, interact with highly qualified study abroad professionals there, and begin the application process for MS in Business Analytics programs in Canada right now.

Why Study Business Analytics for a Masters in Canada?

There are numerous universities and schools throughout the world that offer hopefuls a Master’s in Business Analytics degree, but there are a number of benefits to choosing Canada as your study abroad country. Some of them consist of:

  • According to respected higher education ranking organizations QS and Times Higher Education, Canada is among the best nations to study a Master’s in business analytics.
  • In particular, Canada has been welcoming to students from India and provides excellent job prospects immediately after graduation.
  • According to reports, by 2026, there will be a significant increase in both the job profiles and demand for graduates in business analytics.

While these are some of the main benefits of earning a Master’s in Business Analytics in Canada for foreign students, there are even more compelling reasons to continue your education here, including the numerous job opportunities and options for permanent residency for skilled and qualified immigrants.

Canadian MS Business Analytics Eligibility Requirements

You must fulfill the standard requirements for an MS in Business Analytics in Canada for international students if you choose to pursue a degree in business analytics at one of Canada’s top colleges.

  • a relevant bachelor’s degree from a university or other institution that is well-known worldwide.
  • Candidates must make sure they received a minimum grade of B or B+ in their undergraduate studies, or at least 65-70%.
  • Since many colleges now consider these test scores optional for admission, GRE/GMAT scores can be required for enrollment in some of Canada’s top business schools.
  • Candidates must also have obtained a valid score on one of the well-known English language exams, such as the TOEFL or IELTS. Most colleges will admit applicants with an IELTS score of 7.0 or a TOEFL score of 100. If applicants have an IELTS score of 6.5, several institutions and universities might also admit them.

Documents Required in Canada for an MS in Business Analytics

In addition to these prerequisites, applicants must bring the following paperwork with them to speed up the admissions process:

  • Transcripts: Mark sheets, certificates, and other records issued by the candidate’s former educational institution attesting to their academic qualifications.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Most universities require applicants to submit letters of recommendation; in many cases, MS in Business Analytics programs in Canada may also require more than two letters.
  • Student resume: In some circumstances, students may also be asked to provide a professional résumé or curriculum vitae along with their application materials.
  • Other documents: Applicants may also be needed to submit their State of Intent or personal essays as part of the admissions process, depending on the policies of the individual Canadian colleges that offer MS in Business Analytics programs.

Note: Each Canadian university or college offering an MS in Business Analytics will establish its own entrance requirements. Check out the admission requirements for an MS in Business Analytics in Canada before applying to the college of your choice, and be prepared with the required paperwork and any other needs.

How can I apply to a business analytics master’s program in Canada?

If you’ve decided to study for a master’s degree in business analytics in Canada, you must submit your application through the institutions’ official websites. You must follow specific procedures and steps in order to apply for a master’s degree in Business Analytics in Canada.

  • Visit the official website of the Canadian university you want to attend if it offers an MS in business analytics.
  • Look into the colleges’ admissions policies to make sure you meet the requirements for the program.
  • Before submitting an application for admission, make sure you have all the required paperwork and test results, such as IELTS, TOEFL, and/or ACT/SAT scores.
  • The particular processes to apply for an MS in Business Analytics in Canada will be explained, specifically for international students, on the official website of the selected university of your choice.
  • Before the deadline, finish paying for your application form and send it along with your completed application.

What Is the Role of a Business Analyst?

Business analysts, to put it simply, use the data and information that is available to them regarding a specific organization, business, or company, look for patterns and irregularities, analyze the data and information, and offer the best solution that will either solve a problem or simply help a business grow.

Higher education could help you become one of the finest in the world as business analytics becomes a crucial tool for every firm. Business Analytics courses are offered at countless schools and universities around the globe.

Employment Opportunities in Canada for Business Analytics Graduates

The job prospects in Canada are excellent after earning a Master’s in Business Analytics, as is the case with the majority of graduate programs. Graduates of the program will have a wide range of career options in Canada and around the world. As a graduate of Canadian Master of Business Analytics programs, some of the careers you could pursue following graduation include:

Business analyst: The role of a business analyst, often referred to as a business intelligence analyst, is to offer data-driven business insights and decisions that enhance a company’s overall position.

Data Analyst: Graduates who wish to work in this field must be able to convey important information to the company’s decision-makers using a variety of tools and methodologies.

Financial analysts: As their title implies, a financial analyst’s responsibility is to offer data-driven insights that aid in better management of the organization’s financial situation. Graduates are likely to work in the financial industry.

Operational Analyst: Using data and data science methodologies, operational analysts contribute to the improvement of any organization’s operations department.

It’s crucial to remember that these are only a handful of the job opportunities available to Canadian graduates with a master’s degree in business analytics. Graduates of a Master’s in Business Analytics in Canada will be able to locate a wide variety of profiles available with lucrative packages and career prospects because it is one of the industry’s fastest-growing industries.

A graduate with a master’s degree in business analytics in Canada can expect to make between 60,000 and 95,000 CAD per year. A graduate in the field makes, on average, about 70,000 CAD annually. Because of this, earning a master’s degree in Business Analytics in Canada opens up a wealth of employment prospects and attractive compensation packages.

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