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Nursing Jobs in USA without NCLEX

There are still many job openings in the USA for nurses who did not pass the NCLEX. While many hospitals and clinics require NCLEX certification for nursing positions, there are many other settings where non-NCLEX nurses can find employment.

Jobs for Nurses Without an NCLEX

The following are some of the top career options for nurses without an NCLEX:

  1. Home Health Care: There is a high demand for licensed nurses in the home health care sector, which is one of the healthcare industry’s fastest-growing segments. As long as a nurse has a current registered nurse license and a spotless professional record, home health care organizations frequently accept applications from non-NCLEX nurses.
  2. Nursing Homes: Another expanding area of the healthcare system, nursing homes frequently employ nurses who lack NCLEX certification. Nursing home staff members may also be tasked with supporting the patients’ family in addition to caring for elderly and disabled patients.
  3. Hospice Care: Patients who are terminally sick receive this form of end-of-life care. In addition to providing direct patient care, hospice nurses also offer patients and their families emotional and practical assistance. As long as a nurse has a current license as a registered nurse and prior hospice care experience, many hospice organizations are ready to hire them.
  4. School Nursing: School nurses care for pupils in classrooms and may also be in charge of educating staff and families about health issues. As long as they have a current registered nurse license and prior experience working in school nursing, many school districts are willing to hire non-NCLEX nurses.
  5. Industrial Nursing: In factories and other industrial settings, industrial nurses tend to the needs of workers. They could also be in charge of educating staff members and their families about health. As long as they have a current registered nurse license, industrial nursing experience, and no NCLEX certification, many industrial businesses will hire registered nurses.

Other in-demand specialties available to nurses without the NCLEX include:

  • Medical-Surgical
  • ICU
  • Telemetry
  • Intermediate care/High Dependency/ Stepdown Unit
  • Rehabilitation
  • Emergency Department
  • Hemodialysis

The following are a few prerequisites for both of the above-mentioned in-demand nursing employment opportunities:

  • A nursing degree from a recognized nursing school
  • 2 years or more of experience
  • Specialty in any of the listed fields

Where Non-NCLEX Nurses Can Apply for Nursing Jobs

For nurses looking for nursing employment in the USA without the NCLEX, Jobs is an excellent resource. In addition to recently updated USA nursing jobs, we feature hundreds more open positions across the globe. On Positions, it’s simple to find nursing jobs that don’t require the NCLEX. also enables you to develop and update your Digital CV, which you can simply share with potential employers in the USA, to further increase your chances of working as a nurse in the country, whether or not you have passed the NCLEX.

To find a nursing position without taking the NCLEX,



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