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PHD in Sustainability in USA

A PhD in Sustainable is a doctorate program that aids in the advancement of your knowledge of sustainability practices and your obligations as a citizen of the world. You can also choose a concentration area that is connected to your interests in environmental education.

A research-based program for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in sustainability employs data from the sciences to create local, national, and international sustainability solutions. You may be better prepared for leadership and sustainability management positions in the green industry with this PhD degree.

What Can I Do with a PhD in Sustainability?

You can gain advanced skills for leadership and management jobs in the green industry with the aid of a PhD in sustainability.

Almost every sector needs sustainability. Many sustainability professionals hold positions in management of natural sciences, environmental engineering, postsecondary education, environmental science, and conservation science, among others.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries for jobs in environmental protection are much higher than those for all other occupations. Your potential income can frequently increase if you have a doctorate.

Can You Get a PhD in Sustainability Online?

Yes, you may obtain an online PhD in sustainability. Online sustainability degree programs provide flexible enrollment options and might lessen the cost of living on campus or driving to class.

Professionals who are currently employed may find more flexible scheduling options with online programming. Therefore, earning a doctorate online might allow you to continue working while you finish your degree. Accredited universities and institutions offer credible online degrees, such as an online master’s in sustainability or an online PhD in sustainability.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Doctoral Degree in Sustainability Online?

A PhD typically takes three to five years to complete. Depending on the amount of credits needed and how long it takes you to finish your dissertation, this timetable may change.
Generally speaking, a PhD degree may be finished in three years of full-time study if there is no dissertation required. The length of time it takes to earn a PhD can be increased by attending part-time.

Is a Doctorate in Sustainability Worth It?

Yes, for many students, a doctorate in sustainability is worthwhile. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the environmental protection sector is expanding significantly as concerns about sustainability spread to almost every business.

For instance, it is anticipated that during the following ten years, employment for conversation scientists and managers of natural sciences would both expand by 6%. Environmental scientists and specialists are anticipated to have an 8% increase in employment (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Over the same timeframe, a 12% rise in postsecondary teacher employment is predicted. The lowest unemployment rate is reported by those with a PhD, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Universities with Online Doctoral Programs in Sustainability

Antioch University

A Ph.D. in environmental studies is available at Antioch University. Students need to complete 69 semester hours total, including a dissertation, to graduate.

The application, an essay, a CV, official transcripts, three letters of reference, and a writing sample must all be uploaded to an online portfolio by applicants. Additionally, applicants must go through an admissions interview.

The Higher Learning Commission has granted Antioch University accreditation.

Prescott College

A Ph.D. in Sustainability Education is available at Prescott College. To graduate, students must complete a final dissertation and 72 credits spread across three stages. Applicants must submit a personal statement, official transcripts, a list of references, and a current résumé in order to be considered for the program.

Higher Learning Commission accreditation is granted to Prescott College.

Saybrook University

A sustainable social impact doctor of business administration is available from Saybrook University. To graduate, students must complete 51 credits. Online completion of the curriculum, which typically lasts three years, is possible. Online applications for the program are accepted through the school’s website. Counselors for admission are available to assist candidates.

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission has accredited Saybrook University.

University of Maryland Global Campus

A doctor of business administration degree in sustainability is available online through the University of Maryland Global Campus. A dissertation is a requirement for graduation. All applicants for the program are required to provide official transcripts, a CV, two professional references, and a personal statement. Though not required, the program’s admissions office advises applicants to submit writing samples.

Middle States Commission on Higher Education has granted the University of Maryland Global Campus its accreditation.

University of Wisconsin

A doctorate in education in educational sustainability is offered by the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point. To graduate, students must complete 54 credits. Usually, it takes 3 years to finish the curriculum. All post-secondary credentials, a statement of intent, a CV, and three references can be submitted online by applicants.

Higher Learning Commission accreditation is granted to UW-Stevens Point.

Sustainability PhD Admissions Requirements

There are frequently tight standards and regulations that go along with the application package while applying for a PhD program. It’s wise to do extensive research on the specific admission criteria of the institution you’re considering.

You might encounter the following requirements for admission:

  • GRE or GMAT scores (only some schools require them)
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0, on average
  • Letters of professional recommendation
  • Writing sample that includes your educational objectives

A CV that highlights your job or research experience in sustainability is also advised by certain colleges.



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