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The Canadian EPIC AT Fellowship Program at the University of Toronto for 2022–2023

Early Career Researchers get a minimum of $10,000 through the Early Professionals, Inspired Careers in AgeTech EPIC AT Fellowship Program, while Trainees receive a minimum of $8,000.

The EPIC AT Fellowship Program is designed to assist deserving young scholars in fully engaging in a competitive, one-year training program. The program will put a strong emphasis on acquiring new abilities and giving participants a wide range of experience in transdisciplinary collaboration, stakeholder involvement and co-creation, the dynamic between research and policy, and the creation and execution process.

In order to help older Canadians with complex health requirements age safely, independently, and with dignity in the environment of their choice, the fellowship program will give fellows the opportunity to design, implement, and evaluate digital technology.

In addition, the training and mentorship program requires a time commitment of roughly 50–60 hours over the course of a year.

About the University

Regarding the University
A research university called The University of Toronto is situated close to Queen’s Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The first higher education facility in Upper Canada was founded as King’s College by royal charter in 1827.

The university’s current name was chosen in 1850 after it transitioned from being a Church of England-controlled institution. However, as a collegiate institution, it has eleven colleges, each with a noteworthy degree of autonomy in terms of institutional and financial matters as well as significant distinctions in character and history.

The St. George campus serves as the primary campus for the university’s tri-campus system, with satellite campuses in Scarborough and Mississauga serving as its other two locations.
The University of Toronto offers 200 graduate programs and about 700 undergraduate ones. The university consistently ranks as one of the top 10 public universities in the globe and as the best university in the entire nation in all significant rankings.

The university is one of only two members of the Association of American Universities outside of the United States, along with McGill University in Montreal, receiving the greatest endowment and financing for scientific research each year of any Canadian university.

The Toronto School, sometimes known as the University of Toronto, is notable for its important movements and courses in literary criticism and communication theory.

The university also pioneered the study of stem cells and insulin, created the first artificial cardiac pacemaker, and performed the first successful lung and nerve transplants.

EPIC AT Fellowship Program Advantages

Everyone who is accepted into the EPIC AT Fellowship Program will:

  • Learn in-depth technical skills for creating, implementing, and evaluating digital health solutions for seniors with complicated medical requirements.
  • Access to mentors and sponsors from many sectors.
  • Participate in chances for lab exchange, internships, and professional development training that provide value.
  • Connect with a group of tech experts and researchers.
  • Obtain assistance in identifying and achieving your career goals.

EPIC AT Fellowship Program requirements

  • Graduate or postdoctoral fellows from Canada and other countries must enroll full-time in their respective programs at a Canadian post-secondary institution or research organization.
  • Candidates who are in their first five years (60 months) of a full-time academic appointment at a Canadian post-secondary school or research institute are considered early career researchers.
  • Each applicant must be actively engaged in academic research or study that supports EPIC-mission AT’s and goals and be prepared to contribute fully to the training platform program.
  • Candidates are not permitted to hold both an EPIC AT Fellowship Program and an AGE-WELL Annual Graduate and Postdoctoral Award at the same time.

Interview date, Process, and Venue for EPIC AT Fellowship Program

By August 2022, notification of admissions will be received. The fellowship is scheduled to begin on September 1, 2022.

How to Submit an EPIC AT Fellowship Application

To apply for the EPIC AT Fellowship Program, follow the below steps:

  • An online application form and the accompanying documents listed below make up the application. Applications that are submitted late or in part will not be evaluated. Note that this also consists of recommendation letters.
  • It is advised that applicants use specific word processing software to finish the EPIC-AT Fellowship Application (in either English or French).
  • If you haven’t already, register with the AGE-WELL Forum Research Portal whenever you’re prepared to submit your application online (the form will ask for your name and email). The system will then create an account for you after you submit the registration form and deliver your certifications to the email address you provided. You’ll need to change your temporary password after you check in.
  • After you change your password, you will be taken to a screen where the “My Applications” link is located in the upper right corner. Select “EPIC-AT Award 2022” please. By June 13, 2022, at 5 p.m. ET, copy your application materials and upload any supporting files to the AGE-WELL Forum Research Portal website.
  • Supporting letters should be emailed directly to

Visit the University of Toronto website for further information.

Date for Submission: June 13, 2022.



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