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The University of Queensland Entrepreneurial Scholar PhD Top up Scholarship in Australia for 2022/2023

The Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) offers the Entrepreneurial Scholar PhD Top Up Scholarship to deserving candidates in order to promote their professional development and industrial preparedness.

A six-month scholarship extension will be granted to those who successfully complete the University of Queensland’s Career Development Framework program throughout their PhD. (maximum of four years).

The additional requirements for completing the professional development activities, including an industrial placement, will be recognized by the Entrepreneurial Scholar PhD Top Up Scholarship.

A public research institution, the University of Queensland is primarily located in Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, Australia. One of the six sandstone universities, which are formally known as the oldest institutions in each state, the university was founded in 1909 by the Queensland government.

In their most recent research evaluation, the Australian Research Council ranked the institution second nationally, and according to the average of four important global university league tables, it was ranked equal second in Australia.

The University of Queensland is a founding member of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities, which conducts extensive worldwide research, and edX, Australia’s top Group of Eight.

Southwest of Brisbane’s central business area, in the riverside inner suburb of St. Lucia, is where its main campus is located. The largest of the University of Queensland’s campuses and facilities are the Gatton campus and the Mayne Medical School, which are spread out across Queensland.

The UQ North America office is located in Washington, D.C., while the UQ-Ochsner Clinical School is located in Louisiana, one of the United States.

However, through a college, a graduate school, and six faculties, the university offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and further doctorate degrees.

Over a hundred research institutes and centers, including the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, Boeing Research and Technology Australia Centre, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, and UQ Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation, are integrated into the University of Queensland.

The university did, however, pioneer the development of the cervical cancer-prevention HPV vaccination, create a COVID-19 vaccine that was being tested on humans, and create high-performance superconducting MRI magnets for on-the-go scanning of human limbs.

Two Nobel laureates (Peter C. Doherty and John Harsanyi), more than a hundred Olympians who won multiple gold medals, 117 Rhodes Scholars, and other notable individuals are alumni and past employees of the University of Queensland.


$10,000 is awarded annually as part of the Entrepreneurial Scholar PhD Top Up Scholarship.

Qualifications for the Entrepreneurial Scholar PhD Top Up Scholarship

For the Entrepreneurial Scholar PhD Top Up Scholarship, you must:

  • fulfill the requirements for admission to a higher degree through research
  • to support a Category 1 project grant, received a Graduate School Scholarship or an Earmarked Scholarship.
  • the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (Principal Advisor must be an AIBN academic).
  • have asked your prospective principal advisor for permission to apply for the top-up scholarship.

Date, Method, and Location of the Scholarship Interview
Applications will be evaluated on a competitive basis, considering your:

  • previous academic standing,
  • record of publications,
  • awards and honors,
  • history of employment, and
  • the criteria that the inspiring phrase addresses.

The motivational statement must address the following criteria:

  1. the reason(s) for wanting to pursue the UQ Entrepreneurial PhD Top-up Scholarship in addition to PhD studies
  2. evidence of one’s character traits and life events, such as
  • leadership potential, involvement, and/or community service
  • proven ability and want to engage in and positively contribute to co-curricular activities at UQ
  • demonstrated the ability and desire to overcome obstacles.
  1. shown knowledge of how your career development will be impacted by the University of Queensland Entrepreneurial PhD Top-up Scholarship and related activities.
  2. any additional information that the selection committee feels is important to the applicant’s performance at UQ and in their future careers.

How to Apply for Entrepreneurial Scholar PhD Top Up Scholarship

You must submit a two-page motivational statement and a copy of your resume through UQ StudentHub before the application deadline to be considered for this Entrepreneurial Scholar PhD Top Up Scholarship.



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